Hand-crafted by artisans Kevin, Noreen and Loreen at their home-grown business on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A Twist of Iron Works is a business, which works with recycled metals, to create artistic designs out of steel.  With growing interest in custom designs and a growing demand for functional, long lasting firepits. The business has attracted many new customers all over Canada, and  the United States, in last 9 years.

People love sitting around the firepit, it brings families, friends together.  Its magnetic and attracts people around, it is a piece of art.

We can cut a design in the steel, using your ideas.  You also can just buy one of our original designs, that we carry in stock, as seen on our website, in the gallery.  The firepit brings harmony and can become a focal point in your backyard, whether it may be home or at a cottage. The aroma of the fire, and the sound of crackling wood, brings warmth and fills the open air with good energy, it brings us into a trancelike state of relaxation.