About The Artisans

Kevin Nicholson grew up in New Waterford, Cape Breton. He is now a resident of South Bar, has been married to his wife Noreen for 37 years, and has four children and seven grandchildren. He had to work hard to support a family. When he started his business he was working as a coal miner underground for Devco.

While working in the mine he approached management about an idea he had: refurbishing belt structure. Belt structure which was in a stock pile for waste. He explained that he could bring it back to be reused. He got a contract, and his business began.  Kevin hired two full time staff during the contract, learning how to manage a business very quickly. He worked very hard to finish the contract..

Kevin then started to put his hands to greater things: tables, hooks, brackets, railings, driveway markers, sculptures (such as a sculpture of the bluenose) at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax. The bluenose was a sculpture made out of copper, on a globe. He has worked twisting steel, grinding, with all types of metal, and wire.  He was capable of performing any task on his own. Seven years ago Kevin was approached by a gentlemen to make him a fire pit out of an old propane tank.

The first fire pit was created and made its home in Big Pond. Kevin then had to gather more recycled propane tanks from all over to continue his work. Kevin and his wife travelled all over the provinces gathering tanks, place them on trucks, and taking them back to Cape Breton. Kevin was determined that this new creation get off the ground. He knew the product was going to sell well.

They loaded their truck up many times and spent a lot of time selling at craft shows, home shows, farmers markets, and setting up shop on the roadside. They realized very quickly they had a unique product that generated a lot of interest. They searched for similar products online but soon realized they were the first people in Canada to offer this service People loved the fire pits, and the ability to have them custom designed. Kevin and Noreen made it easy, for any theme that a customer requested could be created. They travelled across Canada, and shipped fire pits to many home and cottage shows. Fire pits were soon being shipped to Florida, California, Yukon, and all over Canada.

Kevin and Noreen’s business remained busy all year long, and soon more staff were needed to keep up with production. Their daughter Loreen then showed an interest in the business.  She learned very quickly from her father, matching his talent and passion.  Her creations in cut, and writing in steel showed outstanding artistic ability. One of her designs, a lace pattern fire pit, shows her artistic hand at work.

Kevin’s wife Noreen has always been a big part of the business. She handles the sales, and helped customers design their personalized fire pits. She always seems to work a deal. Nowadays she also designs and cuts the pits, Her Frog & Hummingbird design was a top seller over the last two years. A fire pite designed by Noreen to commemorate the Fortress of Louisbourg’s 300 year anniversary now resides at the historic landmark. With Kevin by her side, she has designed and cut numerous fire pits.

Their business was now a family business. Kevin, Noreen, and Loreen have been on television and featured in magazines.  As artisans they are noted far and wide.

They will put their hand to any design a customer wishes brought to life, whether it is simple, complicated, or abstract. Give them a call. You will be amazed.