How to Care for your Fire Pit



Dry wood to be used or charcoal.  A propane burner unit can be adapted to your firepit on request, during the manufacturing (at an extra cost) Avoid plastics, for they will stick to firepit when burning, give off toxic odour.


After fire is out and firepit is cooled, we advise to empty your ashes, remove with a shovel.  Put ashes in a metal container, or ash pile. Removing ashes from your firepit will help the firepit last longer. Paint your firepit when needed, scrape off loose paint, reapply high heat flat black paint (Tremclad). Paint when firepit is cooled.


Always check fire regulations for your area.  Also keep your firepit from combustible materials always. Place your firepit always on sand,stone, concrete blocks, something which will not burn.  Also check weather conditions, do not burn on windy days.


Never leave children unattended at firepit.  When retiring for the night, make sure fire is out, then put cover on.


Clean after cooking on the grill, the residue of food, with wire brush. Store screen,grill in a dry area.  Keep out of rain, or snow.  Remove ashes. You can tarp your firepit when  not in use.  This will extend long life to your firepit


When you need to move your firepit to a new location, use a dolly.  When transporting  in a vehicle, always make sure, the cover is tied to the firepit. So you do not loose your cover. Always lift with two or more people, use a thick  board to roll up on truck. If you like you can roll your firepit like a barrel.